“Trust Me” was a collaborative edit between myself and Tim Smith who also directed the film. It was the first time I’ve split the editing with someone else on a drama but in this case it really helped realize the film’s full potential.

We edited the film in eight days, passing each version back and forth between the two of us, which gave us both great perspective on what was working and what wasn’t. Over the course of editing the project we did a lot of work to the structure of the film – the script was written linearly, but with the first version running at an unwatchable and tedious 24 minutes, we decided to play with the order of the scenes and figure out exactly how little of each scene we truly needed. In the end it feels (I hope) like it was always meant to be this way. It was a great demonstration of a collaborative effort and the audience’s extremely positive reaction when we screened the film for the first time was especially gratifying.