This section of my website is dedicated to the short films I’ve directed rather than just edited. They represent some of the most fun I’ve had making films as well as learning experiences towards my ambition of making feature-length films in the future. I hope you find them entertaining!

The Raid is the story of a police officer dealing with the fallout from a shooting, after a raid on a house takes a tragic turn. It has been featured on the Vimeo HD channel, where it has over 18,000 views and was the short film of the week on

Shot in December 2006 and January 2007 the film stars Greg Chisholm and Micaiah Dring. It was shot by Jordan Morris, with sound recording by Sarah Howe, and sound designed by Pete Ward.

I wrote and directed the film, which premiered in Nottingham’s Muse Bar in May 2007.

Pillow Talk was made as part of the 24 Hour Film Challenge in Nottingham. It’s a tale of male stupidity, and a prime example that honesty isn’t always the best policy!

The film stars Tim Smith, Ruth Terry, Andre Squire and Lauren Bradshaw.

It was shot by Adam White, with sound recording by Claire Doyle, and produced by Tim Smith, Adam White and Elden Skinner.

I wrote, edited and directed the film, which was screened at the Cineworld, Nottingham.

The second prize winner for the BritFilms 24 Hour Film Challenge, this mockumentary film sees what troubles can come from making a film in 24 hours. T shirts, rolled up mouse mats and over friendly tackling are all what you can expect from this cracker.

Warning – contains strong language.

I shot, edited and directed the film, which stars Jordan Morris and Richard Reynolds and premiered at the Cineworld, Nottingham.