Run You Clever Boy

About a year ago, I took up running. I was in part inspired by my officemates and my sister who had all been extolling the virtues of it for the past few months but more importantly I realised that I was falling into the classic trap for editors, of sitting at the computer all dayContinue reading “Run You Clever Boy”

Feeding the Beast

This is somewhat off-topic for this blog, it’s nothing to do with movies, but it interests me and it’s my blog, so here’s some thoughts on social media (copied from my intentionally-as-private-as-possible Facebook page). Enjoy! Facebook tells me that my profile is “40% complete” – hey Facebook? How about this; “my profile is as completeContinue reading “Feeding the Beast”

Restricted Intelligence – Teaser

This is the big project I’ve been working on for the second half of 2012. Check out the trailer and some more details on the site – we’ve all put a lot of effort into it here at Twist & Shout, hope you enjoy it!