John Powers

A couple of weeks ago we at Twist and Shout finished putting together a short set of comedies for Tripwire over in the US. The idea is simple – our hero is *so* good at his job that nobody else at the company can believe it, so they create elaborate theories about how he does it, when in reality the answer is that he just uses the right tools.

This is the first in a series of three films, and was fairly straight-forward to cut. The first thing I did was look at the rushes and pick out only the takes that made me laugh out loud when watching the rushes for the first time, then built out from that. Fortunately Ian gave plenty of fun line readings and little improv moments to play with, so it was then a case of trying to weave between the “interview” footage and the moments around the office so the whole thing keeps moving at a good pace. It was also really fun to put in the music cues that feel like a (loving) call-back to the clichéd old sci-fi movies (thanks to @ManikeMusic for those).

Keep an eye out for future episodes, I’m sure I’ll keep Tweeting about them!