The Greatest Story Ever Told

Have you ever wondered how social media would impact the greatest story ever told?

It’s become a yearly tradition that Twist and Shout make a film at Christmas… For the last couple of years we’ve made films about Santa getting hacked, but this year we wanted to do something more grand. Hope you enjoy it!

Massive thanks to the whole cast and crew for enduring the cold winter night with us, and for the gear-heads out there; we shot it on our trusty Canon 60D, post-production was all in FCPX and Motion. The opening music was by our good friends at Manike Music, who knocked it entirely out of the park.

Our little shorts are always fun to cut, with the gloves firmly off in terms of the content not having to be approved by anyone but us! For me it was nice to be able to change up the pace of the edit half way through the film, and to match the opening shots to be look like the arabian sunset rather than grey old England…