Late 2014 and Early 2015 Work

To call this blog neglected would be a vast understatement, but there’s a good reason; being too busy to give it the attention it would need… In other works, doing what I really love; Cutting.

Since the last update was at the start of post-production on Restricted Intelligence Season 2, we’ll start there… This is the season 2 trailer, and as I’m writing this Season 3 is already in post as well, so look out for that coming soon as well!

After finishing Season 2 and launching it to great acclaim (it won an award!) we made a web series for Alcatel-Lucent called The New Guy, about a new CIO coming into a big company and trying to drag them into the 21st century. It’s been a phenomenal success, with the trailer over 190,000 views and counting, and the series in total with over 500,000 views across the five episodes and teaser.

Following that series we had a bit of a change of pace. Slowed everything right down. Yes, we did another slow-motion job. Here is the first of the videos, shot on the Sony F7 at 120fps;

If anyone is interested, they were all cut on FCPX. The thing that struck me cutting the slow-mo project in particular was how easy the UI makes it to see what shots you have available. The skimming paradigm makes it so easy to go through your footage and mark out the golden moments from each take (using Favorites or Keywords – I tend to prefer Favorites) and the implementation of a Used Media indicator has made it even easier to look up alternate takes.