The last 18 months have been marked by the re-emergenge of music as a major passion in my wife’s life, as she joined Nottingham-based indie dream-pop band Lorna, as well as continuing to play with the Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra. Our lives have therefore been punctuated with gigs and appearances as the band released their sixth album “London’s Leaving Me” (the first she plays on).

As I’ve gotten to know the band, they’ve asked me on a couple of occasions to utilise some of my skills to help them out with various bits of media, the first of which were some photos of the band’s latest sextet lineup, which we took at Wollaton Hall, better known as Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises.

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We then shot a music video together for the third “single” from the album, “In Amber”. We shot in and around the city and it’s our little love-letter to Nottingham. I shot the film on my trusty Canon 60D and edited in Final Cut Pro X, utilising the Cineflare LensWhack plugin. It was really simple to control and the results are pretty good compared to doing it for real as we did on a Twist and Shout job called Lily’s World recently . It rarely needing any rendering, and to my mind it’s vastly preferable to doing it manually, especially as I was one-man-banding the shoot on this occasion. Much more flexible and the vast majority of the audience isn’t going to know the difference. For $49 on FX Factory you can’t go wrong having it available to you.

Lastly here are a few shots that I like from the shows the band played on the week of the album’s release, at the Riverbank Festival Intro Stage and at Rough Trade.

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