Restricted Intelligence 3

It’s becoming a yearly tradition; the sharing of the latest Restricted Intelligence trailer… This summer we completed work on Season 3 of Restricted Intelligence. It’s amazing to see how far it’s come in the now four years I’ve been at Twist and Shout, and the conversations we have about the direction it takes. Being ourContinue reading “Restricted Intelligence 3”

Late 2014 and Early 2015 Work

To call this blog neglected would be a vast understatement, but there’s a good reason; being too busy to give it the attention it would need… In other works, doing what I really love; Cutting. Since the last update was at the start of post-production on Restricted Intelligence Season 2, we’ll start there… This isContinue reading “Late 2014 and Early 2015 Work”

The Invisible Edit Suite

I’ve been thinking a lot since the latest Apple media event about the new Mac Pro. Gradually details have emerged and everyone got onto Twitter to vent their opinions, myself included. I think it’s massively exciting because in my day to day job* I’m moving towards my ambition of The Invisible Edit Suite. What IContinue reading “The Invisible Edit Suite”

Host Unknown

At Twist and Shout we have a lot of friends in the security industry, and sometimes we help them out with some fun projects. The exact origin of the idea for this show is a matter of some debate, but Javvad, Thom and Andrew between them decided they wanted to make the Top Gear ofContinue reading “Host Unknown”